Year of Jubilee: Immersion in Mercy

We all love stories. That's why we present videos from great people focusing on the power of vulnarability in pursuing one thing needed during Advent in the Year of Mercy. They will speak from their experience, sharing their stories of sorrow, fear and failures and recalling power encounters with merciful Christ who turned their despair to hope. The videos, as the stories, will be coming straight from their hearts, unedited and raw. It will be great addition to your Year of Mercy and hopefully it will not only spark your interest but bring you closer to our merciful Father in heaven. They will be posted here but you can also sign up at the bottom if you want to make sure to get them daily. Please, share them through social media to spread the stories of mercy.

Our first series was called Advent.Unedited. Stories were shared by people who led or attended Onething2015 Catholic Ecumenical Track

Watch them all here:

Some of the topics include: 

Relentless Love: Mercy over my relationships. Boundaries of love, trust and brokenness. 

One Thing Needed: Mercy over my passions. What is 'one thing' that I live for?

Prayer Encounters That Matter: Mercy over my prayer life. Radical surrender in adoration, worship, prayer. 

Power of Vulnerability: Mercy triumphs over judgment. Overcoming shame, rejection, grief. 

One Church: Mercy over us. How can we become one again?

In the Midst of Crisis: Mercy over the impossible. When everything fails, and only God is left. 

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You have a chance to participate and win free admission to the Onething2015 Catholic Track. Make 1-3 min short unedited video (smart phones are fine) about your immersion in mercy and send it to us by Dec. 15th:

If you like the authors of Advent.Unedited, check out videos of talks with Dan Burke, Mary Healy, Fr. Joshua Johnson, Matt Maher, Audrey Assad and praise & worship sessions from the Onething2015 Catholic Track where we gathered with 15,000 young adults in Dec. 2015:

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