Ecumenical project of flooding the city of Dayton with the Father's Love

If you long for unchurched people to encounter Jesus, who loves, heals, helps, protects and cares, LOVE DAYTON did just that!

MajorChange partnered with Global Awakening in LOVE DAYTON:


A vision to bring about lasting change to an entire city through a display of God’s power, kindness, and love healing many and leading multitudes to repentance and reconciliation.


A hope that a host of believers throughout the Dayton area will catch the vision, catalyzing an ecumenical and interdenominational movement to help facilitate evangelistic crusades and community outreaches.


A call to action to the community, for the community. A call to love your neighbor as yourself. A call to all Christians who are willing to stand, shoulder to shoulder, with those who are looking to advance the Kingdom of God and exalt the name of Jesus.

Training and Volunteers

Catholics partnered with Global Awakening by forming teams of volunteers fully engaged in the entire event. Our sponsoring parish was Our Lady of Immaculate Conception in Dayton, OH. For the letter from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Office of the New Evangelization click HERE

With Randy Clark in Moscow, Russia in 1995

Keith and Iwona (MajorChange) encountered Randy Clark in January of 1995 by a divine appointment. They moved to St. Louis in February 1995 to train the Vineyard Christian Fellowship's worship team and to be mentored by Randy Clark with whom they traveled and ministered around the USA at renewal meetings following the Toronto Blessing outpouring, before returning to Moscow, Russia as ordained Vineyard pastors. They organized two international renewal 'Catch the Fire' conferences in Moscow with Randy Clark in 1996 and 1997 and were involved in local church planting.

We consider Randy one of the most sensitive, authentic and relational minister of the Gospel we have ever met. He moves powerfully in many revelatory charisms, especially in the gifts of healing, traveling internationally.