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Onething 2017 CET


Onething 2017 CET

Onething 2017 Conference speakers and worship leaders include Sr. Miriam James Heidland SOLT, Mike Bickle, Francis Chan, Todd White, Misty Edwards, Jeremy Riddle and Hunter Thompson (Bethel Music), Bryan and Katie Torwalt (Jesus Culture) and many others.

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+ When, where, the cost

December 28-31, 2016 // Kansas City Convention Center // $69 (Regular till Nov. 30th) and $89 (Late from Dec. 1-28th).

+ What is the Onething conference?

The Onething conference is a gathering of 20,000+ young adults who have purposed in their hearts to live with abandonment and devotion to Jesus. It is organized by the International House of Prayer - Kansas City (IHOPKC) and its primary aim is to encounter Jesus so that we might be equipped to answer God's call in our lives and to carry His heart's desires to the world.

+ What is the International House of Prayer?

It is a community of believers from many Christian backgrounds, dedicated to a pursuit of establishing life's core values on seeking God's continual presence, equipping people to do the work of the ministry in evangelization, prayer, and spiritual direction, establishing apostolates of 24/7 prayer, and helping music ministers to expand their professional and spiritual capacities. Their main activity is focused on keeping continual corporate adoration in the Prayer Room.

+ What is the Catholic Ecumenical Track?

It is a gathering of Catholic young adults (18+) during the Onething conference for the purpose of refreshment, individual encounters, and deepening of our understanding of God's prophetic voice speaking throughout the whole Church. The main aspect of the gathering is to meet those who are seeking to deepen their prayer life and to establish a solid and lasting foundation in their spirituality. We seek to apply ancient wisdom afresh in the contemporary world, and to create a network among diverse Catholic leaders: active and contemplative, business- and ministry-oriented. We seek fruitful ways to bear this wisdom to souls in this current spiritual landscape: relativistic spirituality practiced in isolation, unbridled moral choices, and those who maintain a cultural adhesion to a faith they do not understand.

It is our desire to build bridges through establishing meaningful relationships with our non-Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ that will be built on Christian charity, a common pursuit of personal holiness, mutual respect of each other's theological heritage and position, and an exchange of experiences in our walk with Christ in order to come to the unity of all Christians, as Jesus and Pope Francis call us into. We pray for the ecumenism of friendship.

We are grateful to Mike Bickle and his leadership team for making it possible for us to have this opportunity to gather ecumenically with fellow Christians.

+ Who would benefit the most?

Everyone who is hungry for more of the presence of God. Laity and clergy, but especially youth and young adult leaders, artists, DREs, all music ministers, catechists, worship leaders, prayer leaders, community and Catholic movement leaders, and diocesan, parish and small group leaders involved in evangelization, intercession, healing and deliverance, spiritual and charism discernment. All who seek unity of the Body of Christ.

+ Has this been done before?

Yes. The first Catholic Ecumenical Track took place during Onething 2015 conference. Since then our speakers have included Fr. Joshua Johnson, Fr. Emmanuel Mansford CFR, Fr. Mathias Thelen, Dr. Mary Healy, Dan Burke, Patrick Reis and many more. Times of prayer and worship were led by Matt Maher, Audrey Assad and IHOP-KC worship leaders. Click HERE to access all archives (videos, photos, blog posts).

+ What Catholics should think and do about ecumenism?

We should start by reading and praying John 17 where Jesus asks the Father to make us one as He and His Father are one. We can also practice spiritual ecumenism, which is nothing else but praying together with other Christians, whenever appropriate, and we can serve together, practicing the works of mercy. If you want to see the list of documents about ecumenical realtions, click here.

+ What is MajorChange?

MajorChange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit apostolate encouraging metanoia (spiritual conversion) by establishing ecclesial communities, conducting ecumenical gatherings, overseas missions and pilgrimages, and media services to ultimately help others to reach happiness. Keith and Iwona Major are Catholic reverts, who were missionaries for ten years in Eastern Europe and the Middle East and served six years on staff at the International House of Prayer. They are the visionaries, organizers, and sponsors of the Catholic Ecumenical Track.

Would you consider partnering with us to see Christians encountering God and each other and building bridges of trust?


What will happen

What will happen

What will happen during the Catholic Ecumenical Track?

The Catholic Ecumenical Track will have four sessions during four days of the conference (Dec. 28-31) and it will include:

  • Praise and Worship time with modeling IHOP-KC's "Singing Lectio Divina" as a way of praying the Scriptures individually and in communal settings
  • Teaching on the topics of prayer, prophetic praise and worship, creatives as prophets engaging in the current culture, healing, contending for the supernatural activity go God
  • Ministry Time
  • Encounter Stations: Points of discussion, brainstorming, sharing of the vision, exchanging ideas from ministries actively involved in discipleship, new evangelization, creative arts, community building. Networking and prayer. Click on DETAILED SCHEDULE below to learn more. 
  • Chanting Liturgy of the Hours
  • New Years' Mass and Adoration with Taize chants, Complete, Singing Lectio Divina and chanted Night Prayer plus Praise and Worship
  • Daily Mass is available at 12:15pm across the street (five-minute walk) at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Most of the main sessions and several workshops will be spent together with the other 20,000 young adults attending the conference.
  • Day after the conference: Tour IHOP-KC (Prayer Room, IHOP-KC University and lunch at Coffee Shop)


Schedule might change. 

If you want to see what happened last year, click on the image to see the archives from Onething 2015 & 2016 Catholic Ecumenical Tracks:

I came to the conference very hungry because I’ve been starving for community that recognizes the active nature of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I left hungrier I think, not because I did not receive but because I DID RECEIVE and WANT MORE! It was like finding an oasis in the desert, and my prayer life has been encouraged, but I’m still longing for ongoing community.
— Onething Catholic Ecumenical Track participant
I loved the panel featuring the IHOP worship leaders — as a Catholic who has been in love with IHOP for years, it was really amazing to see both worlds having a meaningful conversation about unity and worship! I did encounter several non-Catholics over the course of the conference — they were all very receptive, and even curious at times, as to what I was all about. It was a great door opener!
— Onething Catholic Ecumenical Track participant
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Our Catholic Track team consists of trailblazers and pioneers who, as we are trying to humbly discern at this time, will bring the break through experience for all those who are longing for renewed intimacy and passion for Jesus in their personal life and will invoke back the wonder of the Holy Spirit's activity, especially in the areas of personal and communal prayer which is the center of all Christian life, fueling all other aspects of our existence. 

Justin Rizzo

Justin Rizzo is a worship leader in the International House of Prayer. Raised in New York, Justin Rizzo moved to Kansas City in 2004. He has been leading worship at the International House of Prayer ever since, producing three full-length albums. His desire is to see this generation to make God first and prepare the way for His return. Justin lives in Kansas City with his wife, Naomi, and their daughter, Liberty. Justin is known as a vibrant worship leader and song writer who travels extensively serving across denominations, including Catholic groups. He trains worship leader in the Forerunner Music Academy (IHOPKC University).

Jon Thurlow

Jon Thurlow is a worship leader in the International House of Prayer. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in sacred music, Jon came to Kansas City in 2004 for the Fire in the Night internship, and has served as a worship leader at IHOPKC ever since. Jon lives in Kansas City with his wife, Kinsey. They look to the day when every knee will bow before Jesus and every mouth will confess Him as Lord. His anointing in song writing and prophetic singing is bringing people into more intimate relationship with Jesus. He trains young worship leaders at the Forerunner School of Music (IHOPKC University).

Fr. Emmanuel Mansford CFR was born in London, England. He served as a missionary with NET Ministries from 95-98 and joined the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in September of 1998. He was ordained in 2007 and spent 7 years in the friars mission in England. He has been serving as the Vocational Director for the Community since 2014 and is based in Harlem, NYC. Fr. Emmanuel has been involved in the Charismatic Renewal since 1992 and wrote his Master's Thesis on Baptism in the Holy Spirit, entitled, "A Catholic perspective on 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit'"

We are excited to bring the teaching and experience of the Charismatic and Mystical aspects of Catholic spirituality so profoundly carried throughout centuries, as well as broad infusion of creative aspect of Holy Spirit's inspiration in various free expressions of His charisms. We have not planned and we do not aim to make this Catholic Ecumenical Track at Onething yet another conference but a meetup of people who are sensing the call to risk it all for Love and who have an urgency to learn and share the ways of His supernatural leadership. 

I was blown away and my friends and I have just finished a prayer meeting tonight to sort of debrief from everything that happened and to pray into it. The desire for Christian unity has been burning in my heart and I am excited that the Spirit is alive and at work here because where the Spirit of The Lord is, there is freedom. I feel like the Spirit has freed us to walk with more boldness into a greater unity in the Church. We saw Him at work and cannot deny that this is the will of The Lord. It’s exciting and I’m still blown away by it.
— Onething Catholic Ecumenical Track participant
I was very challenged by Matt Maher’s reflections on John 17. I really enjoyed all of the talks. I’m not sure I could say that one or the other was better. Praise and worship was AWESOME. I was really surprised to learn during the final session that so many of the people around me were non-Catholics/fallen-away-Catholics but had been attending the Ecumenical Track because they were really impressed by the richness of the teaching. I enjoyed hearing about their experiences of the Christian life and found that they have something that I have felt was lacking in my experience in Catholic parishes — community, expectant faith, willingness to make radical life decisions.
— Onething Catholic Ecumenical Track participant
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Kansas city Convention Center

Kansas city Convention Center

The conference is held in the Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, which is about twenty minutes south of Kansas City Airport (KCI) and twenty-five minutes north of the International House of Prayer Missions Base.
301 W. 13th Street, Kansas City MO 64105
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Between 1895-1903, Bl. Elena Guerra wrote 12 confidential letters to Pope Leo XIII, asking him to encourage greater devotion to the Holy Spirit among Catholics, urging him to "go ahead and open permanently in the Church the true home of prayer, a Cenacle [Upper Room], where the faithful united to the Divine Mother as she prayed with the Apostles in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, impetrino [third-person] from the Divine Spirit, with a Veni [coming] constant, the longed for renewal of the face of the earth." As a result, he wrote an encyclical on the Holy Spirit, Divinum Illud Munus, in 1897. He also sent a private letter to all bishops, recommending that the Novena for Pentecost be prayed at the dawn of the 20th century. At another request of Sr. Elena, Pope Leo XIII invoked the Holy Spirit by singing Veni Creator Spiritus in the name of the entire Church. On that same day, in Topeka, Kansas, a small church experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit which eventually gave birth to Pentecostalism and spread rapidly. Pope John XXIII asked that the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) would be opened daily asking for a new Pentecost and his first beatification was of Elena Guerra. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit began to spread among Catholics in America at Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA) in 1967. 

Pentecost is not over. In fact it is continually going on in every time and in every place, because the Holy Spirit desired to give himself to all men and all who want him can always receive him, so we do not have to envy the apostles and the first believers; we only have to dispose ourselves like them to receive him well, and He will come to us as he did to them.
— Bl. Elena Guerra
The first well-spring of renewing action is prayer, which connect us with the Spirit of Christ, He who renews the face of the earth.
— Bl. Elena Guerra

Christians affected by this new outpouring of the Holy Spirit quickly found themselves finding common ground crossing their theological differences and historically implied denominational animosities. The birth of ecumenical focus followed new streams of renewal and allowed many to encounter other Christians like never before, seeing what united them as grounds for continual dialogue, in though and life of the Church.

Kansas City has a history of bringing Christians together. In July 1977 - 50,000 gathered - Catholics (45%) and Non-denominational / Protestants (55%) for the Charismatic Renewal Conference. The four-day conference was really a "conference of conferences" being that ten denominational conferences were held each morning and afternoon in Kansas City that included workshops led by charismatic leaders and teachers from around the country. The day would climax each evening by everyone gathering in Arrowhead Stadium to pray together in one united body.

In the video above you will see Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens, Fr. Michael Scanlan T.O.R., Maria von Trapp, Dr. Kevin Ranaghan, and the Catholic Conference. You will also hear Ralph Martin's prophetic word given during the general session. You can find more material about the 1977 conference at: New Wine magazine - October 1977 issueCharisma magazine - September-October 1977 issue, and Vine & Branches magazine - May 2007 issue.

We do not look to the past with some kind of spiritual nostalgia but we move forward toward ever new encounters with Jesus. At the same time, we would like to acknowledge this unprecedented event's historical and spiritual importance as we, by participating with the International House of Prayer, make a small step toward ecumenical unity by meeting our fellow Christians and participating in the common times of prayer hoping for prudent discernment and renewed zeal in pursuing the heart of Jesus. 


We pray that the Catholic Track will gather like-minded people who, fascinated by Jesus drawing them always closer to Himself and experiencing desire to go deeper into the knowledge of Christ and His Spirit, will take this opportunity to meet, talk, eat, share their experience, and converse with those with similar vision of life in the communities based on the principles from the Book of Acts.

We want to meet those who desire to embrace a vision of a community of believers where people encounter Jesus daily, missionary disciples are continually formed, charisms are recognized and practiced, evangelization flows naturally from the Christ centered-life, life in the Spirit is cultivated by the continual challenge of staying faithful to personal, family and communal prayer, where studying the Scriptures and meditating upon them is our daily bread, serving others with the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit is not enclosed to the internal affairs of the Church, leadership is not confused with administration, and where we embrace all stages and states of life. Below you will find friends who embrace this vision: